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How am I doing with Shun? Good? Bad? Passable, but...?

Is there any crit you can give me, anything you would like to plot or do you just want to talk?

Well then, just hit me here or over AIM (Fortunelady Icey) or plurk ([ profile] iceyly), okay? ~<3
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[Good; any scolding would have been a waste of breath as far as Shun is concerned. He nods though, agreeing:]

Later then.

[This isn't a conversation he can escape, even if Yuto doesn't know the reasons for that… yet. Still… he isn't exactly unhappy with having more time to figure out it how to break it, the death of their comrades (the certainty that they could have done something if only he hadn't left for Standard, if only Yuto hadn't followed) a heavy weight in his stomach.

He ignores the offer for support when he pushes off the door frame – sure he's tired and unwell, but he's got a point to make (it's not that bad, he's had worse, he'll be fine) – then makes his way towards their room, maybe not quite as quick as he'd move usually, but fairly steadily.

(Something is off about Yuto's appearance, something is missing… but right now that just might be because Yuto has only just gotten up; it's just about sunset after all.)]

Continued from here!
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Who: Shun Kurosaki
What: Monsters aren't defined by sheer existence, they are made by their actions.
When: -
Where: -
Warnings: -

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Shun Kurosaki | Harpy

Gains all mandatory changes within Day 1

FEATHERS everywhere – Black and silver along back and arms (mimics second set of wings), yellow at his shoulders, elbows and wing joints, blue-greenish at his chest, red around his eyes and along his back and wings in form of the RR emblemreference

pointed ears, speed bursts, singing voice

Travel form (base animal: Peregrine Falcon, colors: Blaze Falcon)reference

wind magic (uncontrolled, tied to his anger)

Reference borrowed from this post


Aug. 17th, 2015 12:50 pm
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Who: Shun Kurosaki and the Fourth God
What: The Fourth God sends his regards via dreams. And possibly an offer or four?
When: to be decided
Where: -
Warnings: Arc V spoilers up to 58-ish

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Shun Kurosaki | Werebear
1st changeawareness, strength, senses of hearing and smell, eye color | 08/30/15
2nd changecanine teeth replaced, hunger starts, territory i | 09/12/15
3rd changeTravel form, super climbing i, ears, claws i | 09/21/15
4th changeheight i, fur i, claws ii, territory ii, temp transf | 10/12/15
5th changeteeth ii, claws iii, fur ii, super climbing ii, silver weak | 11/14/15
6th changeheight ii, arms i, sense of sight | 11/30/15
7th changeHunting Instincts, Transformation Fatigue | 12/15/15
8th changeheight iii, arms ii, super climbing iii | 12/28/15
9th changeskinchange abilities | 01/04/16
coinscurrent: 64 | spent: 130

Base Animal: Asian Black Bear/Moon Bear
Height: 173cm/5'8'' – 262cm/8'7'' – 346cm/11'4'' – 180cm/5'11''
Weight: 69kg/152lb – 120kg/265lb – 248kg/326lb – 107kg/236lb
Order: Day form – Night form – Fog form – Travel form
Age: 15 16 17 (Birthday 3/20, age retconned to fit with recent canon flashbacks)
Art: Night form Reference by [ profile] jesii
Reference (all forms) by [ profile] usagisquared

Misc Physical Changes:
  • Four claw mark scars running along his left forearm from just beneath his elbow to his wrist
  • Bullet graze mark at his right biceps
  • Fine cut scar running down his left cheek
  • More claw scars all along his right arm
  • Mountain Rune in shape of Ruri's bracelet stretching over the inside of his right wrist (colored in the black/gold/white swirl of an xyz summon)
  • thin twin stars on his upper back where his wings used to be
  • a scar along the left side of his throat

Other Misc:
  • Kerchief incorporates into every change form
  • Fur color is black (with green-blue shimmer???)
  • Animal- and Wereform have the Raid Raptors Emblem marked across the chest in white and red respectively
  • Daylight form looks near his canon appearance – though he can be identified as monster due eye color and remaining hints of bear claws and teeth
  • Typically wears pants and belt (with knives, currently empty dueldisk holster and his deck), trenchcoat and fingerless gloves long enough to hide the mountain rune
  • wears shoes in human form but has to take them off before transforming (probably shreds at least one pair per month)

First change:
  • Awareness of surroundings starts to increase. As a result it takes Shun even less effort to navigation in Bavan and he can pinpoint his own location within city limits instinctively.
  • Strength increases. Watch your coffee mugs.
  • Heightened senses kick in, leading to improved hearing and smell.
  • Eyes change shade from almost yellow to very yellow
  • Padded palms and fingers

Second change:
  • Canine teeth are replaced by fangs.
  • Cravings for human flesh start to set in. (needs meat once per month)
  • Territorial instinct sets in, Apartment is established as Territory

Third change:
  • Travelform (uncontrolled)
  • Super-climbing in Travelform
  • Ears shift and change into bear ears
  • Nails start to harden and darken (hands and feet)

Fourth change:
  • First growth spurt hits, pushing him from 173cm/5' 8.1" to 186cm/6' 1"
  • Nails grow out a bit more
  • Territory instinct strengthens (becomes more protective, grows irritated by strangers entering without knowlege and/or permission)
  • Hibernation instinct sets in (starts preparing the den)
  • Starts growing dark fur along shoulders and upper arms
  • Starts transforming during moments of High Emotions

Temporary Change: Harpy (10/17 – 11/14)

Fifth change:
  • Rest of Teeth grow sharper
  • Claws grow in
  • Fur on the rest of his body
  • Silver weakness
  • Superclimbing (wereform)

Sixth change:
  • Second growth spurt pushes up to 220cm/7' 2"
  • Arms grow longer
  • Sense of sight sharpens

Seventh change:
  • Hunting Instinct sets in
  • Post-Transformation Fatigue hits

Eighth change:
  • Final growth spurt pushes up to 262cm/8' 6"
  • Arms reach final length
  • Superclimbing (day form)

Ninth change:
  • Gains Skinchanger abilites (dormant)

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art by the wonderful [ profile] usagisquared <3

Change 01 | Day 04 – July 22nd:
  • Skin pales and starts turning translucent.
  • Can teleport into showers/baths/wells.
  • Justice drive/injustice detection sense starts to set in.

Change 02 | Day 05 – July 23rd:
  • Running speed increases.
  • Hair becomes ever-wet and does not stop growing!?!?!?
  • Hunting instinct starts itching.

Change 03 | Day 06 – July 24th:
  • Develops twitching ticks that keep him from walking normally.
  • Gains the ability to enter TV world.
  • Teeth are replaced with sharper set.
  • Sun starts to burn his skin.

Change 04 | Day 07 – July 25th:
  • Hunger sets in. (Lancer hunting parties?)
  • Sclera changes to black.
  • Stops requiring food/sleep/air.
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