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Ryslig | Monster Information

Shun Kurosaki | Werebear
1st changeawareness, strength, senses of hearing and smell, eye color | 08/30/15
2nd changecanine teeth replaced, hunger starts, territory i | 09/12/15
3rd changeTravel form, super climbing i, ears, claws i | 09/21/15
4th changeheight i, fur i, claws ii, territory ii, temp transf | 10/12/15
5th changeteeth ii, claws iii, fur ii, super climbing ii, silver weak | 11/14/15
6th changeheight ii, arms i, sense of sight | 11/30/15
7th changeHunting Instincts, Transformation Fatigue | 12/15/15
8th changeheight iii, arms ii, super climbing iii | 12/28/15
9th changeskinchange abilities | 01/04/16
coinscurrent: 64 | spent: 130

Base Animal: Asian Black Bear/Moon Bear
Height: 173cm/5'8'' – 262cm/8'7'' – 346cm/11'4'' – 180cm/5'11''
Weight: 69kg/152lb – 120kg/265lb – 248kg/326lb – 107kg/236lb
Order: Day form – Night form – Fog form – Travel form
Age: 15 16 17 (Birthday 3/20, age retconned to fit with recent canon flashbacks)
Art: Night form Reference by [ profile] jesii
Reference (all forms) by [ profile] usagisquared

Misc Physical Changes:
  • Four claw mark scars running along his left forearm from just beneath his elbow to his wrist
  • Bullet graze mark at his right biceps
  • Fine cut scar running down his left cheek
  • More claw scars all along his right arm
  • Mountain Rune in shape of Ruri's bracelet stretching over the inside of his right wrist (colored in the black/gold/white swirl of an xyz summon)
  • thin twin stars on his upper back where his wings used to be
  • a scar along the left side of his throat

Other Misc:
  • Kerchief incorporates into every change form
  • Fur color is black (with green-blue shimmer???)
  • Animal- and Wereform have the Raid Raptors Emblem marked across the chest in white and red respectively
  • Daylight form looks near his canon appearance – though he can be identified as monster due eye color and remaining hints of bear claws and teeth
  • Typically wears pants and belt (with knives, currently empty dueldisk holster and his deck), trenchcoat and fingerless gloves long enough to hide the mountain rune
  • wears shoes in human form but has to take them off before transforming (probably shreds at least one pair per month)

First change:
  • Awareness of surroundings starts to increase. As a result it takes Shun even less effort to navigation in Bavan and he can pinpoint his own location within city limits instinctively.
  • Strength increases. Watch your coffee mugs.
  • Heightened senses kick in, leading to improved hearing and smell.
  • Eyes change shade from almost yellow to very yellow
  • Padded palms and fingers

Second change:
  • Canine teeth are replaced by fangs.
  • Cravings for human flesh start to set in. (needs meat once per month)
  • Territorial instinct sets in, Apartment is established as Territory

Third change:
  • Travelform (uncontrolled)
  • Super-climbing in Travelform
  • Ears shift and change into bear ears
  • Nails start to harden and darken (hands and feet)

Fourth change:
  • First growth spurt hits, pushing him from 173cm/5' 8.1" to 186cm/6' 1"
  • Nails grow out a bit more
  • Territory instinct strengthens (becomes more protective, grows irritated by strangers entering without knowlege and/or permission)
  • Hibernation instinct sets in (starts preparing the den)
  • Starts growing dark fur along shoulders and upper arms
  • Starts transforming during moments of High Emotions

Temporary Change: Harpy (10/17 – 11/14)

Fifth change:
  • Rest of Teeth grow sharper
  • Claws grow in
  • Fur on the rest of his body
  • Silver weakness
  • Superclimbing (wereform)

Sixth change:
  • Second growth spurt pushes up to 220cm/7' 2"
  • Arms grow longer
  • Sense of sight sharpens

Seventh change:
  • Hunting Instinct sets in
  • Post-Transformation Fatigue hits

Eighth change:
  • Final growth spurt pushes up to 262cm/8' 6"
  • Arms reach final length
  • Superclimbing (day form)

Ninth change:
  • Gains Skinchanger abilites (dormant)